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It's easy and permanent! Get back to cart racing, werewolf fighting and brawling in no time!

Discover The Fastest and Easiest Way To Fix Wii Issues And Get Back To Playing Games...
In As Little As 10 Minutes!

Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time Searching The Internet For Ways To Resolve Issues With Your Wii When A Step-By-Step Guide Will Show You How To Fix Wii Problems Fast!

Dear Wii User,

Did your Mario Party Crash all of a sudden? Does your Wiimote freeze up? Are you getting an error message on your screen?

Finally, there's a great guide that will allow you to fix your Nintendo Wii console and troubleshoot errors, in the comfort of your own home! Get rid of those annoying problems, such as not connecting to the internet, discs not being read, Wii Remote problems, and more. This guide will show you step-by-step how to repair, fix, and troubleshoot your Wii console. Don't ship your Wii away for repairs. Fix it yourself and save that money for new Wii games!

Do you have what a repair center would consider to be a problem Wii? Have you tried to repair or troubleshoot Wii? There are many issues consumers may encounter. Some issues include Wii sync, Wiimote freeze, Wii console is not working, common issues with Wii consoles, etc.

You will learn with the Wii Fix Guide do it yourself Wii repairs for common problems with Wii, how to fix internet problems on Wii, Wii internet troubleshooting, resolving Wii errors, and others. Fix your Wii with the Wii Fix Guide!

Here's the facts:

The average user will spend many hours searching the internet to resolve Wii problems. (That's why you're here!) The research is already done! The Wii Fix Guide contains information from Wii forums, premium articles, troubleshooting discoveries, free content and solutions from technical support inquiries - all to assist you in your effort to repair your Wii and correct Wii errors.

Our Wii Fix Guide will fully resolve many common Wii issues. (100% Guaranteed!)

After reviewing our Wii Fix Guide, users are back playing games on average within an hour. (In some cases as little as 10 minutes!)

The Nintendo Wii was designed primarily for gamers and non-gamers alike. Although these types of errors seldom crop up, they do pose a serious problem when they do. Majority of the Wii gamers will certainly have a hard time understanding what they mean, much less finding and fixing them. Our Guide will help - guaranteed!

Frequently encountered Wii errors are basically the black screen even with an active connection, no power, automatic Wii shutdown, buttons are not responding and so on. Gamers who run into these problems can feel lost and frustrated. The Wii Fix Guide will serve as an informational resource not only to understand the error codes but also providing practical solutions.

Sending your Wii in for repair can cost $50 and more and can take 1-4 weeks to repair. The Wii Fix Guide walks you through, step-by-step, using pictures, to help you repair your Wii in less time and for the cost of a large pizza!

We have a 90%+ issue resolve rate! (Based on Use of Wii Fix Guide + Email Support - Refund Requests).

The Wii Fix Guide has helped over 3000 satisfied customers since 2009!

Whatever your Wii problem is, the Wii Disc Error or your Wiimote not working, just fix it yourself with the Nintendo Wii Fix Guide. It will take you step by step through the whole process. There isn't any previous technical knowledge needed or any special tools required (just a small Phillips screw driver and a Triwing driver) because we want anyone to be use this Guide and complete Nintendo Wii console repairs on their own!

However, you don't have to have a ruined playing session.
The solution is right here: The Nintendo Wii Fix Guide.

The Nintendo Wii Fix Guide will teach you how to fix your Nintendo Wii console issues. Don't send your Nintendo Wii for repair. It will take 4 to 6 weeks and it will only be a temporary solution. Besides, let's be honest, can you really wait that long when you just bought a video game that you've been waiting for months?

Sending your Nintendo Wii console to a local repair shop isn't much better. In fact, once your console is out of your sight, you will have to take their word. They could tell you it's the laser, the fan, the board or everything at once.

Do you really want to spend your hard earned money and risk your Nintendo Wii console like that?

The Nintendo Wii Fix Guide will take you step by step, with simple but clear explanations, on how to:

Repair your Nintendo Wii's hardware problems

Sync and fix remotes that don't work

Watch DVD movies that won't play

Easily configure your WiiConnect24

Solve game freezing problems

Fix those Wii console errors

Discover the reasons and fix why your Wii ejects every single disc!

It doesn't require you to know electronics or buy special equipment. Anyone can do it. All it takes is a small Phillips screw driver, a Triwing driver and an hour or two. If you can play with your Nintendo Wii Console, you can fix it.

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